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Hi! I am Leo and I do programming related things - I am generally trying to not move very far away from the realm of games development.

I have a BSc. in Games Technology from Coventry University where I studied some of the basics of games development - even though the course was mostly aimed at programming, I managed to do some non-technical modules such as 3D modelling and animation.

After I finished my bachelor it seemed that, based on the UK's industry needs, I was not prepared enough to go into the job market. No problem, I did some research and came across the MSc. in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen. So...I moved to Denmark and started this programme.
During my time here, I managed to meet a lot of interesting people, get to know games related academia, programming and game design! I also wrote a thesis on Procedural Generation of Buildings as my final project - even though PCG was an area that I was aware of for quite some time, this was the first time I actually took the time to study it and understand its significance and applications. Oh, during this time I was also a Teaching Assistant in an Algorithms and Data Structures course as well as a Research Assistant in some weird Augmented Reality Machine Learning project.

Right before finishing my masters, DIS asked me if I wanted to teach one of their Game Development courses. Of course I accepted and taught that for two semesters. This was a great opportunity to learn new things, but most of all, I think it gave me a totally new perspective on what it means to teach and just how much preparation and iteration a good course has to go through. Later, I was given the chance to come up with my own course and develop it. Right? I didn't expect it either! Anyway, since it was my pick, of course I chose Procedural Content Generation; however, it is important to note that the course is heavily inspired by the one previously taught at ITU.

2020 - 2021
The pandemic hit. The teaching positions I was so fortunate in having could not be continued due to the travelling restrictions, so I had a bit of time to contemplate on how I should proceed further. Luckly, I managed to land a temporary position with
MeetinVR and work on the integration of the XR1 Varjo mixed reality headset into their platform. During this time I was also handling most the communication and coordination with the project partners (Volvo and Varjo). Around this time, the restrictions became harsher and the future more and more uncertain - so I decided to go to Romania for a while, take a step back and think a bit about the future. Luckly, again, I managed to get a part-time position with ITU as a research assistent where I developed, in collaboration with a professor, MNET-VR, a Virtual Reality platform used for exploring multilayer networks.

This pretty much brings us up to date. I sometimes I work on some personal projects but I rarely manage to bring them up to a very polished version.

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